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Using Name Bazaar

Name Bazaar provides the ability for any user with a name for sale to generate unique smart contracts that allow transfer of ownership of that name to a new Ethereum address and owner and receive payment in return. Any user with Ethereum looking to buy a name can do so through these contracts by interacting with the website.

No registration or sign up is required. All you need is an Ethereum address available through the MetaMask or Parity browser extensions. Every time you take an action that requires confirmation on the blockchain, you will be asked to confirm that transaction via MetaMask or Parity. This will require a small fee in Ethereum to perform the operation (this fee goes to the Ethereum Network, not to Name Bazaar).

Anyone can have one or multiple accounts, all that’s required is an Ethereum address.

Using Name Bazaar to Buy Names

There’s a persistent search bar at the top of the website, no matter what page you’re on. Simply type in a name you’re looking for and you’re off to the races! By clicking the “Offerings” button at the top of the left-hand menu, a more detailed offering search page is available, where you can filter by a number of intuitive parameters like price, buy now vs. auction, and so on.


Once you’ve found a name you’d like to buy or bid on, click on it for more information. If the offering is a “buy now” type, you can immediately pay the listed price to acquire the name. If it’s an “auction” type, you can enter a winning bid, and watch the name to be notified if you get out bid, or if the auction closes.

Using Name Bazaar to List and Sell Names

Any names already registered and owned by a MetaMask or Parity address can be listed for sale on the site through a simple Create Offering page. When creating an auction, type the name you’d like to sell, the starting price, the “Minimum Bid Increase”, and the time you’d like the auction to end. You can also adjust the “Time Extension” slider, to allow the auction to continue in case any new bids roll in at the last minute.


In addition to the auction feature, sellers can also utilize the “Buy Now” listing type, which is a firm set price to immediately buy the name.

Watching and Requesting Names

Why Name Bazaar is Important

For names that are already registered and owned by someone; this is where Name Bazaar comes in handy – as users can buy, sell, and share their .eth domains in an auction-style setting. This creates a much needed secondary market for ENS names.

As we are just in the infancy stages of this new market; it’s quite clear that ENS Names are currently quite valuable and may increase in value over time as Ethereum continues to grow and become more widely adopted.


Ready To Get Started?

Take a look at the modules housed within the Education Portal. You can learn more about Ethereum Domains, The Ethereum Name Service (ENS), and how to Use Name Bazaar

When you are ready to purchase or sell your own.


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