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What Is Ethlance


Ethlance allows users to create an employer/employee profile, list and apply for open positions, rank and provide feedback for employers/employees, and to send/receive invoices. Ethlance does not charge any service fees, and users pay only the necessary cost of gas to broadcast their profiles, posts, messages, feedback, and invoices to the Ethereum network.

Ethlance’s code is completely open-source at Ethlance’s front-end source files are written in Clojurescript and served via IPFS. Ethlance’s backend logic is governed by 14 smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum MainNet.

Since its launch, over 500 users have created a profile and more than 200 open positions have been listed. Projects such as Status, Aragon, Colony, WeTrust, Rex, JAAK, and Giveth are amongst those who have hired via Ethlance.

As the original district on the district0x Network – Ethlance serves as an experimental sandbox for the creation and refinement of the d0xINFRA framework and will be developed in perpetuity alongside other districts deployed by the district0x team.

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