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What is Aragon?

Aragon is a project that aims to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of organizational structures by using the Ethereum blockchain. Aragon empowers people across the world to easily and securely manage their organizations by providing the tools and interfaces needed to interact with their family of smart contracts. Aragon makes it simple and easy for anyone to create a decentralized company with just an Ethereum wallet and a few clicks.

How does Aragon work?

With Aragon, any entrepreneur or entity can launch their own organization to a system of digital representation uncompromised by middlemen. Creating an organization allows authoring of bylaws, a delegation of unique roles and responsibilities, and even the issuance of distinct voting tokes. Proposals from organization members can be put to a vote in surveys for token holders to participate in. These proposals include not only any number of actions for the organization to agree to regard its usual operations, but also changes to the fabric of the organization, its people, or its bylaws at large.


How will the district0x network use Aragon?

Whenever a new district is admitted to the district0x network, a corresponding Aragon organization is automatically created for that district. For example, the Meme Factory district has a corresponding Meme Factory entity on Aragon. It’s from within this entity on Aragon that all votes and polls will be conducted. Each district will have its own unique set of users and governance features enabled.

By staking DNT to the Aragon organizations of individual districts, stakers will in return receive tokens that provide governance rights over that organization. From there, they can propose and vote on any changes to the operation of the district itself.

Additionally, the entire district0x Network will be represented by a higher level organization, a district0x Aragon entity, which will similarly allow DNT holders to stake in return for governances rights. This entity will control governance matters over the district0x network at large – such as accepting bids from new developers or engineers or merging proposed changes to network-wide reputation services.


Check out this diagram detailing the role Aragon plays in the District Registry process:

For a more zoomed in look, click here: District Registry & Aragon


Why is Aragon important for district0x?

Aragon serves as an essential “governance layer” for the district0x network. The marketplaces we call “districts” are decentralized by design – no central server, no central database, no central authority or point of control. But in order for districts to be truly decentralized, their operations, maintenance, and eventual evolution must also be free from any single point of failure. By leveraging Aragon’s offerings with each created district, we can ensure sovereign representation for all users on our platform–which ultimately will be the source of its long and fruitful life.


What happens to district0x without Aragon?

While Aragon does provide an essential governance platform that’s pivotal to our core vision, they are not the only project in the space doing so. In the worst case of Aragon failing to deliver on the required components we need to make district0x’s mission come true, we would turn to the next available governance platform. Indeed, we envision a time where, even alongside Aragon’s governance offerings, there are other governance packages from other projects available to district creators and participants to choose from freely.

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